Hey Everyone, this would be too long for a text for I sent a URL to here to have all Trip Info and Suggestions.

Party Bus is Loading at 10:00 AM from 19801 Martha Street Woodland Hills, CA 91367. Below is a map and suggested parking areas. Arrive at 9:45 AM to properly load the bus.

For those Flying in to Vegas from LA, let me know if you want to be bring your bags on the bus with us. We can meet Wednesday or Thursday.

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Instagram/Snap Chat: @JRsList 
Hashtags: #60HoursOfMayhem #JRsVegasTrips
Facebook: Joseph R Bell
Suggestions and Tips
- Nightclub Attire: Ladies - Heels and Wedges. Gents - Collared Shirts and Dress Shoes! More common areas of misses for guys - Jordans, Designer Sneakers, etc are not allowed. Also No Ball Caps or Sports Attire.
- Pool Party Attire: Ladies and Gents - Swim Suits! (Gents, no basketball shorts, etc MUST be swim suits)
- ID's: If you have 2 forms of ID (State Issued Drivers License, State Issued ID, Passport, Passport Card, or any other foreign government or State Issued ID) I always suggest bringing both. One on your person and the other in the safe or a safe place in the room. If you do not have a valid ID, you will not be allowed entry into the Day and Nightclubs.
- There will be 1 hour pre parties before each event, pre party will take place in my suite with alcohol and mixers. 


Friday Night
9:00PM-10:00PM Pre Party at host suite
10:00PM-10:30PM Loading Party Bus and going to Bellagio
10:45PM - Close Marquee Nightclub (French Montana) with Bottle Service

Saturday Day
10:00AM-11:00AM Pre Party at host suite then loading Party Bus
11:30AM-4:00PM+ Tao Beach (French Montana) with Daybeds

Saturday Night
9:00PM - 10:00PM Pre Party in host suite and loading Party Bus
10:15PM - 11:45PM Tao Nightclub (DJ Vice) with Bottle Service
12:00AM+ Party Bus to Marquee (Playboy Mid Summer Nights) with Bottle Service

Sunday Day
11:00AM-12:00PM Check Out, Load Bus and Pre Party until departure to pool party
12:00PM Party Bus to Marquee Pool Party
4:30PM/5:00 Leave Pool Party and head back to LA

Please text me acknowledging you received the text and info. My Primary Line for attendees 818-281-5583. Secondary Phone is my Vegas Business Cell is 702-355-9613 (also Whats App is available on the 702 number). Line Up subject to change.