Hey Everyone, this would be too long for a text for I sent a URL to here to have all Trip Info and Suggestions.

To Start: The Party Bus is meeting at 10:00 AM from 19801 Martha Street Woodland Hills, CA 91367. Below is a map and suggested parking areas. 

For those Flying in to vegas which this trip, let me know if you want to be bring your bags on the bus with us. We can meet Thursday at some point.

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Suggestions and Tips
- Day Party and Nightclub Attire: Ladies - Heels and Wedges. Gents - Collared Shirts and Dress Shoes! More common areas of misses, guys - Jordans, Designer Sneakers, etc are not allowed. Also No Ball Caps or Sports Attire.
- ID's: If you have 2 forms of ID (State Issued Drivers License, State Issued ID, Passport, Passport Card, or any other foreign government or State Issued ID) I always suggest bringing both. One on your person and the other in the safe or a safe place in the room. If you do not have a valid ID, you will not be allowed entry into the Day and Nightclubs.
- There will be 1 hour pre parties before each event, pre party will take place in my suite with alcohol and mixers. 
- CES is this week/weekend, Clubs will be busy, it is imperative that everyone is on time. Line up is still awaiting to be verified, mainly from Drai's because of their pre bookings. I'll go over the update on the bus Friday morning.
- After check out Sunday we will load the bus and make our way back. (Normally in Summer we stay for a pool party but we are about 6 weeks shy of the first one starting)

Three Likely Schedules (Depending up Drai's VP's Response in the Morning)

Opinion One
Friday Night: Drai's Nightclub (DJ Esco)
Saturday Day: Lavo Champagne Brunch Party
Saturday Night: Marquee (French Montana) and Chateau

Option Two
Friday Night: Marquee (Vice) and Chateau (ShadowReD)
Saturday Day: Lavo Champagne Brunch Party
Saturday Night: Drai's Nightclub (Wiz Khalifa)

Option Three
Friday Night: Marquee (Vice) and Chateau (ShadowReD)
Saturday Day: Lavo Champagne Brunch Party
Saturday Night: Tao Nightclub (Enferno)