These Vegas Getaways are a comprehensive package. Check out the details: .

• Luxury Party Bus- Fully equipped with Vodka, Hennessy, Champagne, mixers, restroom, 2000+ watt Stereo System, Full Lighting Effects and ample under carriage storage 

• Bus leaving LA Friday July 27, 2018 at 10 am and leaving Vegas approximately Sunday July 29, 2018 6pm

• 2 Night stay at Palms. Premium Rooms will have 2 Queen Beds for 4 people per room at base rate. Room, Taxes, Resort Fee's All Covered!

• In Vegas, Party Bus transportation from Hotel to Venues as needed.

• Friday Night and Saturday Nights will consist of 1-2 nightclub with Bottle Service each night.

• Saturday Day and Sunday Day will consist of a Pool Party with Daybed or Table.

• Pre Parties: Pre Party (and After Party) in the Host Suite with plenty of Alcohol and Music.

• Photographer / Videographer catching all the weekend moments by Braxton Lacy

To Continue with Purchase, Please Contact:
Joseph R. Bell (J. R.)