Terms and Conditions 

- All patrons must be 21 years of age with valid ID. US residents must bring state or federal issued. ID foreign residents must have passports. no copies or paper ID's will be accepted.
- Standard price includes 4 people per room, we can accommodate upgraded rooms, less people in the room, etc. These are handled on a case by case basis (with an additional cost). Contact Joseph R Bell (J.R.) directly for additional Information at 818-281-5583
All payments are NON-REFUNDABLE!!! Some circumstances may warrant a refund, However they are solely at the discretion of Liv The Moments, LLC.
- All Hotel terms and conditions apply for all patrons on the trip. Any manner that leads to damage, disable, and overburden or impair any other guest in the hotel may result in termination not just of hotel room / casino or property but termination from the trip as well without compensation or refund. 
- Conduct on the Party Bus: Management reserves all rights to end a patrons trip for including but not limited to over intoxication, illegal activity, unruly patrons or any behavior effecting any patrons in a negative way.
- Club Line up subject to change. Nightclub / Dayclub management reserves all rights to control entry into venue, including but not limited to refusal of entry for dress code violations, venue capacity, government ID issues, overly intoxicated patrons, unruly patrons and patrons with illegal substances. All patrons are subject to search prior to entering any venue. Club Entry or any arranged bottle service has no cash value.

- In the event that it may become necessary, Liv The Moments, LLC reserves the right to charge for any collections   and/or attorney’s fees associated with any and all collection actions for unpaid balances, damages or charge-backs.

- Enter at your own risk.  Liv The Moments, LLC will not be held responsible / liable if any guest gets injured from various causes.  For instance, if the bus is in motion and all guests are not seated, or if you are under the influence of any substance.  All injuries must be reported immediately at the time of injury to Joseph R Bell.

- Pictures and \ or videos taken by Liv The Moments, LLC Staff may be used in advertising, flyers, T.V., web site etc. By signing below you are giving permission for Liv The Moments, LLC to use pictures and \ or videos of your party and guests for the above purposes. Some exceptions apply.